‘Demons in the details’ is the new home for ‘Ejecto’s’ graffiti/interiors/design.

Eject is a highly creative designer/illustrator/graffiti and an all round creative tsunami from the North of England – moulded from concrete and steel, he’s part Nintendo, part fungus, he bleeds krink and briefly sleeps on a bed of nozzles!

Influenced by Disney, Ren & Stimpy and Nickelodeon (to name a few), Eject’s work mixes bold typography with his love of graffiti, sign writing, retro packaging and a weird obsession for twisted saccharin characters with shady, ulterior motives.

Former designer with the internationally adored The Designers Republic in the steel city of sheffield. There he honed his own unique, highly versatile style and the ability to design with the sound of a whisper or the strength of a bear… and everything in between.

Eject has been painting his signature demons since 2003 all around the uk, europe and some of these big eyed demons have even been seen watching over the neon lit streets of Tokyo!
Eject’s love for design and graffiti is fuelled by all things creative, typographical, punk, hiphop, soul and reggae – so it’s little wonder his client list has included names such as Gatecrasher, Warp Records, Shiva Records, RBK, The Designers Republic, Autechre, Sheffield Docfest, Pampero Rum, LSK, Liverpool Capital of Culture, Roxy ball room, Turtle bay, Melia hotel group, BBC, to name just a few. Even Maxi Jazz has a piece in his home by Eject!!
Sleeping’s cheating! Everythings possible!

For graffiti/interior or design enquires please contact [email protected]